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The reasons for Kentucky's increase in fatal motorcycle accidents

Each year, thousands of motorcyclists lose their lives in fatal crashes all across this country. Given that, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Kentucky has recently seen an uptick in these types of crashes as well. Perhaps most alarming, though, is the fact that the largest increase in crashes is happening among those riders that aren't wearing helmets.

According to the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, among the 500 motorcycle collisions that have already occurred this year, 27 of them have resulted in fatalities. The overall number of motorcycle crashes has been steadily increasing over the past three years.

Summer crashes: These 3 tips can save lives

In the summer, there are many hazards that drivers face on the roads. While most people assume distracted driving, speeding and similar violations of the traffic laws are the most dangerous, there are other hazards to watch out for, too.

When you think about the summer, remember that it's very hot, that the ground is dry and that there is heavier traffic. These factors can impact your safety on the roads. Here are a few things to do to prevent accidents.

A camper disconnects from the truck towing it, kills a motorist

A driver lost its life in a head-on crash involving a sports utility vehicle (SUV) and camper on U.S. 150 just before 6:00 p.m., on Monday, May 29, 2017. The Lincoln County, Kentucky, collision also injured three others. One of the individuals injured was a 10-month-old baby.

The Lincoln County sheriff reports that a camper was being hauled in the eastbound direction along U.S. 150 when it suddenly became disconnected from the truck that had been carrying it. This caused the camper to roll over into oncoming traffic. The operator of the SUV, who had been traveling in the westbound direction at the time, was struck head-on by the debris in the process.

Lack of doctor sleep to blame for many cases of surgical error

The American Automobile Association (AAA) and their Foundation for Traffic Safety have long warned of the risks associated with a driver's lack of sleep on his or her ability drive safely. In fact, the effects that a lack of sleep has been shown to have on drivers is not all that different from intoxicated driving.

Statistics released by AAA have shown that drivers who get less than six hours of sleep within the course of a single day are two times more likely to be involved in a car crash than anyone else.

The roles of both police and independent car crash investigators

When car crashes involve either serious injuries or death, it's not all that uncommon that police or independent investigators are brought in to reconstruct a collision. This is because these individuals are specially trained to assess a crash scene and make necessary calculations with respect to it.

Police investigators arriving on the scene have the goal of pinpointing whether any criminal action led to the collision taking place. Some examples of different indicators they're looking for include alcohol or drug use, speeding and excessive logged trucker hours. If evidence suggests that a driver fell asleep at the wheel or his or her negligent driving resulted in another's death, the police will use that information to make a recommendation to the prosecutor that charges should be filed in the case.

Truckers and risk factors for fatal crashes

A study conducted in collaboration between the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration some years back sought to make sense of why serious crashes involving large trucks like tractor trailers occur. They studied more than 120,000 accidents during a two year period in an effort to try to derive certain insight as to the roots of these crashes.

With any type of motor vehicle wreck, driver fatigue, alcohol consumption, and speeding are seen as having a large impact on car crashes no matter whether they resulted in fatalities or not. However, when it comes to large trucks, there are additional factors that contribute to fatal trucking accidents.

How moderate to severe brain injuries impact an individual's life

When a loved one suffers a traumatic brain injury, it's to be expected that you'll want to understand what the long-term implications may be. Unfortunately, though, the impact a brain injury will have on an individual's life is not predictable. Instead, it is influenced by a number of factors.

How severe the initial trauma was and the degree of healing your loved one is able to achieve immediately following the injury are enormously important. At the same time, the location of the injury and that area's respective functionality will also greatly impact how much an injury impairs an individual. In the long term, a person's outlook on life and continued access to rehabilitative resources will also be important.

Ways to cope with a loved one's death

Losing a loved one in a car crash is something that you just can't prepare for. When this does occur, you might feel a lot of different things. Figuring out where to go from here is isn't easy.

It is important that you don't allow yourself to become too overwhelmed as you work through your feelings. Instead, you need to consider these pointers to help you work through the effects of the loss of your loved one due to the car crash.

Proving how a car crash resulted in a person's wrongful death

Driving is dangerous whether you're operating a car or a motorcycle. Distracted driving is one of the main reasons why.

Take, for example, a 2014 statistic compiled by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). That survey year, 3,179 people were killed in car crashes as a result of distracted driving, but a staggering 431,000 were injured as a result of their involvement in them.

Car crash fatalities continue to increase in Warren County

According to data recently released by both the Kentucky State Police and Highway Safety Office, 2016 marked yet another year of increases when it comes to fatal Kentucky car crashes. In fact, 834 traffic-related deaths occurred last year in the state, some 73 more deaths over the previous year.

Of the different counties throughout the state, Warren County experienced the third highest amount of fatalities at 20, its highest number of traffic-related deaths this entire decade. Jefferson and Fayette countries were the only ones that had more than Warren. According to representatives with Bowling Green's State Police force, among the most serious of accidents that occurred in the city this past year were those that involved distracted drivers.

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