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Why trucks pose such a high risk of causing a severe, fatal crash

A study of the cause of truck crashes was recently published in the International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion. Researchers note that, while trucks only comprise 8 percent of all traffic on United States roadways, they can be blamed for as much as 11 percent of all fatal crashes.

Some of the lesser known reasons tractor-trailer crashes occur

While it would be easy to blame big rig crashes on a trucker's careless, aggressive or distracted driving, the large majority of 18-wheeler operators adhere to safety standards. They do so because their livelihoods depend on it.

6 killed by tractor-trailer on I-65 close to Bowling Green

A multi-vehicle crash claimed the lives of six individuals late Thursday night, July 13, 2017, as they rode along Interstate 65. It's believed that traffic congestion in a construction area along the northbound side of the highway contributed to a tractor-trailer operator losing control and crashing his truck into several passenger vehicles.

Truckers and risk factors for fatal crashes

A study conducted in collaboration between the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration some years back sought to make sense of why serious crashes involving large trucks like tractor trailers occur. They studied more than 120,000 accidents during a two year period in an effort to try to derive certain insight as to the roots of these crashes.

Most common reasons truck crashes occur

Despite truck drivers being anecdotally referred to as some of the safest drivers of the roadways because of the sheer number of hours they must put in to earn their CDL license, in instances in which they are involved in collisions, they tend to be much more catastrophic than one would like to admit. As for why this type of accident causes significant destruction, a lot has to do with a tractor-trailer's sheer size and overall design.

The reason why truck crashes are rising might surprise you

If you've ever found yourself behind a tractor-trailer as it's lost its tire, then you're probably aware just how quickly it can impact the trucker's ability to not only control the truck, but maintain momentum as well. That being said, tire blowouts are shown to be increasingly responsible for fatal collisions among truck drivers.

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