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A Legal Leader in Kentucky and Tennessee

People must to be able to trust their lawyer. A lot of the time I'm the only thing standing between a client and ruin, and my clients have to know that I'm on their side and looking out for them. When you hire me I promise you'll get straight talk and full-bore lawyering. I also promise that you'll never say "they didn't return my call," or "I don't know what's going on with my case." We belong to you; you don't belong to us.

You also have the right to a smart lawyer. If that sounds like bragging so be it, but I'll let my results speak for me. Take a look at the Successes part of t his website. Take a look at my profile. I've taught hundreds of lawyers and judges about insurance company tactics and how to combat them. I've written books and been in lots of cases that made new law. When my firm shows up on a case people pay attention.

People count. People matter. You matter.

An old lawyer once told me, "Mike, take care of the client and the fee will take care of itself."

I Protect People From Insurance Companies And Big Corporations

After being injured in a car accident or another incident, there's no doubt that you have questions: How will I cover day-to-day expenses? What will happen if I'm forced to miss work? How will I pay my medical bills? Will my insurance company cover my expenses? Do I really need a lawyer or can I manage all this on my own?

When you reach out to me, attorney Mike Breen, I'll give you straight answers. We will sit down and have an honest talk about what happened. With all the facts, I can help you get the treatment and compensation you need to manage your injuries.

There are plenty of lawyers out there handling injury cases, but I offer an alternative to large, corporate practices you see on television. What's the difference? At our firm, we believe that people's lives matter. My staff and I are committed to providing honest representation that puts your needs first and achieves results you can take to the bank.

The Mike Breen Approach

I'm Mike Breen, and there are a few things I do differently from other lawyers. For starters, I'm a real person who cares about my clients. Your need for compensation comes first. You're the one who's hurting. You're the one who can't work. You're the one who just needs someone to do the right thing by lending you a hand when all others have let you down.

That's what I do – I care.

I pride myself on helping people who are too sick to work, suffering from their injuries and struggling to pay their bills. I take their claims for compensation all the way to court if I have to, and I fight to get them the money they need to move on with their lives.

32 Years Of Experience Serving At Your Side

Another difference is the fact that I've spent more than three decades defending folks just like you from unscrupulous insurance companies, big-name corporations and their intimidating defense lawyers who don't have a personal stake in your well-being like I do. I know how to handle these guys because I've seen their tactics before. So do my staff members, who have been with me for nearly a decade. They care just as much as I do and know how to handle an injury claim effectively.


$1 million

A client was driving his pickup truck when another driver ran a red light and smashed into him. Besides a broken neck, the client had a severe traumatic brain injury that changed his life, and he required lengthy hospitalization and rehabilitation. The case resulted in payment of the full insurance policy limits of $1 million.

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Plain Talk Spoken Here

When something bad happens and you become seriously injured — or worse, a loved one dies because of someone else's negligence — you shouldn't have to worry about decoding state laws or figuring out how to navigate the legal system. That's my job.

I can put your complex legal matter into language you understand so that you can focus on getting better. I can talk to anybody, from everyday people like you to people in the legal community. I make insurance companies and judges listen because I'm a leader in my field.

This doesn't mean I candy-coat things. If you contact my office in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and schedule a consultation, I'll give you a fair evaluation and tell you whether you have a case. I'll lay out the process ahead for you and explain your rights. If this comes at my own expense, so be it.

People matter to me, and I put my money where my mouth is.

So whether you live in Kentucky or the Nashville, Tennessee, area, call my law firm, Mike Breen, Attorney at Law, P.S.C., at 270-282-0144 and talk to a different kind of lawyer.

Let Me Help You Protect Your Right To Compensation

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